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         In-Home Personal Assistance


     Read what some people are saying about our in home service

               I contacted Alan about the "in home assistance" in September of 2013,
         almost immediately my balance and endurance improved. Now 3 months later
           I find myself with much more confidence and ability to do more on my own.
             The feeling of non-reliance is wonderful. Alan is most understanding and
                   knowledgeable person that has offered and delivered help to me.
                                                       Jeannie~ Burlington NC

I stopped by Alan's home one day when I saw his mobile training vehicle
 in his driveway. I had my driver's license taken away by my family out of
fear I may hurt someone or even myself. Anyone who has experienced this
 knows how detrimental and degrading this can be. After working with this
man, who I have known since he was a boy, my life has changed dramatically
 for the better! I am driving again and my mind is sharper than it has been in
 many, many years. I am stronger and my balance is so much better!
Thank you Genesis!
Glen~ Haw River NC

Every Mind ~ Every Spirit ~ Everybody ~ Life begins with Genesis
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